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According to popular opinion, it was built in the early 17th century.The official date, however, is 1598: the local priest Ipolyt Dzerovych found the date carved on the northern wall of the central zrub – a solid-timber section.She told The Sun: Along with being an early investor in private car service Uber, Shervin is a Co-Founder of Sherpa Ventures, the Managing Director and Venture Advisorof Menlo Venures, sits on the Board Of Advisors of com Score, Inc and is a Founder and Executive Chairman of Social Gaming Network (SGN) and an Angelof Angel Investor. We begin our tour in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast with its 462 wooden churches qualified as architectural heritage sites. It was the birthplace of Nastya Lisovska, the legendary Roxelana or Hürrem Haseki Sultan – the legal wife of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.The local church is one of the oldest preserved wooden churches in Ukraine, though its precise age is a matter ofscientific controversy.The shrine has one of the oldest andmost beautiful Renaissance-Baroque iconostases in Ukraine dating back to 1650.The church and its iconostasis attained their status as works of art atthe time of Austro-Hungarian rule, when the shrine was first listed as an architectural heritage site.Across the Uzhok Pass is Lviv Oblast, home to 517 of Ukraine’s wooden churches.The first one that we will visit is in the village of Matkiv (5)in Turka County, several kilometres from the border with Zakarpattia.

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In the 1980s, it was restored by Ivan Mohytych, a top Ukrainian expert.Built in 1583, itsinterior still contains icons from the late 17th century. The church now acts as a |) They’d rather do books & t.v.specials about how unwanted & unmarried the masses of Black women are—which isn’t a supriseconsidering Hollywood and the MEDIA have worked the last 100 years to cast the image of Black women as negative, unattractive, maid-driven andforbidden.Not quite a billionaire but Robert De Niro is worth 5 millionrussian billionaire dating in ukraine which ethnic group. Zhovkva County (7) in Lviv Oblast has two churches on the UNESCO list. Once a residence of the Polish kings Sobieski, the town will probably end up on the UNESCO list someday as well.Its church was originally built in 1601 but was destroyed in a fire, sothe modern building dates back to 1720.

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