Airline pilot dating site

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A lot of people don't realize that pilots make really crappy money.

At first glance, Crew Me, the brainchild of pilot Maxence Boussier, looks very similar to the popular Tinder app.

Crew Me will be available to Android users via the Play Store later this year.

When first-time users sign up for Crew Me, they have the option of linking their their Facebook account to their profile, but at this stage — more importantly — they must verify their airline of employment.

Never did I think when I baby sat him at 5 yrs old would he grow up to think he is far superior to me. There is this aura of glam with a pilot and I can imagine a lot of opportunities to fool around. I knew one pilot personally and he left his wife (my cousin) for a flight attendant (and then left her for another one after that). Only had experience with a co-pilot and while you can't lump any group of people (so I don't really know what you want) you already seem to know the main thing, they're gone a lot.

So, take it or leave it, but from anything I have ever heard, they do not have the greatest track record or reputation for fidelity or humility. In my experience, he was very egotistical because of his job.

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