Avoid dating losers

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Normal Moscow women never engage in Russian women scams. It's not that hard to pretend to be a silly Moscow girl looking for love.

In fact, they condemn them because scammers create negative image of our ladies throughout the world. You can do it from Illinois, Brussels and even Maldives - the only thing you need for Russian women scams is a laptop and couple of stolen photos. One scammer can pose as dozens of girls, sending mails to every possible victim.

Russian women scams - there's so many of them these days!

We hear about new cases all the time - there just seem to be so many dirty trick around!

To summarize what's written below - don't worry, be reasonable and persistent - and you'll do great.

Russian women scams are their business, that's what they do - and they've grown quite good at it!

Once you realized you're involved in Russian women scam - stop being nice and start looking for the soonest flight home.

It won't be easy, especially once she realizes her spell was broken. Move away from her place if you have to, but don't even think about buying her anything.

Looking for love in Russia, but worried about all the fraud?

I've prepared this nice little page that'll answer your questions about dating Russian women - and not being stripped of your money.

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