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Often, singles are having emotional and mental experiences that have never taken place in reality, concerning who they are dating, which creates a pressure and expectation in the dating phase that should not be. There are some who believe in dating multiple people at one time, until they make a decision to enter into a courtship with one. When trying to maintain healthy boundaries in the dating phase while really getting to know a person, make sure you’re seeing that person in a variety of elements.

The entire dating phase does not have to be about maintaining a feeling of euphoria. There are others who are offended that the person they are dating is dating someone else. Dates don’t have to be limited to restaurants and movies.

Particularly for Christians, there can be external, extra pressure put on dating to culminate into holy matrimony as soon as possible. Dating should be an enjoyable, no-pressure way to get to know another person. As a relationship coach, I have to remind singles to not plan a wedding with their date after their first date; not even after the first five dates.

Here are five tips to help you navigate the dating world as a Christian: 1) Know what a date is. Exclusivity can never be assumed, no matter how great the date was or emotional connection is. Relationships are decided as a couple, not assumed by one party.

So before you get lost in someone's eyes, smile or status, ask yourself honestly: What is this person all about?

Do these particular attributes I find myself attracted to propel me toward my ultimate end goal or do they take me away from my goals?

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, we all have our dating preferences and attributes that we find attractive.

I was instantly attracted to my husband because he was just my type: tall, dark, godly and handsome.

Whether you believe it or not, on a subconscious level, there is always a reason for your attraction to a certain person or thing.

Doing the research on yourself will reveal that answer and possibly grant you the freedom, clarity and power you need to make healthy relationship decisions outside of what your eyes and the butterflies in your stomach recommend.

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