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- A PRESERVED CULTURAL MONUMENT - The New Jewish Cemetery in Prague 3 is a preserved cultural monument as a whole ; due to its character, disposition and a hundred-year excellent administration supported by a considerable role the Hevra Kaddisha (burial society) played in Prague's Jewish community.

The Hevra Kaddisha saw to it that graves were established in cemetery lots both chronologically and in accordance with the family's wish and significance which played its natural and social roles even at the moment of death in the bourgeois society.

Since the very beginning, the cemetery has been properly divided in lots which were gradually used as graves ; and a walk around the cemetery also gives an idea of the styles in which the tombs were built.

The cemetery is situated on a hill sloped from the north down to the south and from the west down to the east, in a basin in its southeastern part where a columbary with its own funeral parlor was added in the 20s.

A memorial which has been drawing most visitors' attention since its installment in 1985 is that commemorating the Czechoslovak Jews who perished in concentration camps or were killed in resistance fights An ornament of concave ellipses concentrated around a hole are cut in a sandstone block - evoking the impression of a tortured world in whose midst the Star of David is shining.

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The tombstone makes an urbanistic unit with Chief Rabbi Gustav Sicher's grave whose simple constructivism of the 60s is amended with a tombstone shaped as the Tablets of the Law.

This is the place to see tombstones which have been pronounced preserved by Prague's Center of Monuments Preservation because of their artistic value.

There are almost a hundred tombstones like that at the cemetery.

The New Jewish Cemetery which will never be completely filled with graves because the devastating blast of Nazism exterminated those who could and should have rested here one day, is a homogenous architectural monument.

ENTRANCE AREA AND HONORARY LOTS The New Jewish Cemetery which opens with a decorated grating of the entrance gate has its honorary lots and memorials.

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