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California Department of Finance Financial and Economic Data Price and Population Data for the Calculation of Appropriation Limits. California Department of Finance Statistical Abstract. Reports of allocations of State Controller administered state revenues to local governments, state mandate reimbursements and other information. State Tax Tables Comparative tax information among states. Federal and State Laws, Cases and Codes from Find Law Legislative Analyst's Office Non-partisan advisor to the State Legislature. California Municipal Law Handbook League of California Cities. Papers reviewing the latest legal issues in California local government finance from some of the best legal minds in this area.

California State Controller Guides, Manuals, and Reference Materials for local agencies Accounting, expenditure and auditing standards and references. Compiled by the Urban Institute / Brookings Institution. Listing of grant programs administered by the state of California. Board of Equalization Legislative Analyses and Bulletins including bills concerning property taxes and sales taxes. California City and County Codes and Charters (UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies Library).

Established in 1935 as a uniform statewide tax, the VLF is a tax on the ownership of a registered vehicle in place of taxing vehicles as personal property.

By law, all revenues from the VLF fund city and county services, but the state legislature controls the tax rate and the allocation among local governments.

California Department of Transportation Local assistance programs. California Secretary of State's Ballot Initiative Updates. California State Association of Counties (CSAC) California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors California State Association of County Auditors County Auditor and Tax Collector Names and Contact Information State Controllers Office.It is important to note that, in 2004, two important changes occurred in the state-local fiscal relationship: the passage of Proposition 1A of 2004, and the swap of billion of state Vehicle License Fee backfill payments to cities and counties for greater shares of local property tax revenues.These major changes make obsolete some of the recommendations in pre-2004 reports.California Department of Transportation Local assistance programs. US Department of Housing and Urban Development "State of the Cities Data System" Data for individual metropolitan areas, central cities, and suburbs. Profiles of US cities and towns with graphs and data drawn from a wide variety of sources. California State Board of Equalization Annual Reports sales and use tax, property tax, motor vehicle fuel license tax, and more data on BOE administered revenues.California Department of Parks and Recreation Grants and Local Services. California State Board of Equalization Monthly Economic Perspective Newsletter State Controller's Monthly Analysis of State General Fund Cash Flow and Economic Snapshot. Employment of Major Local Governments (PDF) California Quick Facts. Detailed demographic and economic characteristics of the population; unemployment rates; information on jobs, business establishments, and average pay in the 1990s; and FBI crime data. BOE Monthly Economic Perspective Newsletter BOE Tax Overviews.

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