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27.)According to Mc Carley, Cuesta’s jazz instructors conform closely to the school’s requirements for its music faculty members: “They should be good performers and they should be talking about something they know about, instead of something they’ve studied.”“I’ve never played with another faculty that was even close to the ability of this faculty,” Mc Carley said.“They really know how to put on a good concert.”Friday’s concert coincides with the release of the Cuesta jazz department’s latest album, “Both Sides.” The 12-track collection features songs performed by faculty members, the Cuesta Jazz Ensemble and the Cuesta College Jazz Orchestra, as well as four combos — Cool Notes, Sperdak, Toy Boat and Umlaüt.

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Mc Carley described the group’s sound as “hard bop” — or “classic jazz, post-bebop” with some Steely Dan-style fusion thrown in for good measure.“Adam (Levine) is such a great player. Everything he plays feels good and is interesting,” Mc Carley said of the guitarist. Sometime I do like to tough a girl like drive a 4x4 truck, ride a motorcycle or dirty bikes and etc. I'm not above finger painting and lately have been on a reading binge that I've been on …“If it feels good and it’s interesting, it’s good jazz. We're pleased to announce an exciting new school feature of College Simply - reviews and ratings.

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