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you could always use the x-ray glitch, it has no effect on the save what so ever.

youtube it, I use it sometimes to find a spot that has no caves or lava, so i can build a big underground house. It can make the game a little boring,lol Is it guaranteed that every world generated will have mob spawners?

For example if you hear 5 zombies growling at once, you found a zombie spawner.

Just make sure you light it up so you don't die and lose it. The natural caves you find are easy access to resources, and may themselves lead to other caves that may have a spawner in them. It took me days of digging towards the sound of mobs before I found the first one.

I've tried digging toward monster sounds and haven't come up with anything as it seems like the sounds are coming from everywhere. I am currently unavailable under the XBox LIVE ID listed here but can be found under Zombie L0C0.

Me and the mrs have been playing on the same world for weeks and have explored tons of cave systems and not found a single spawner yet.

Is it guaranteed that every world generated will have mob spawners?

Whilst inside, you will take no damage and will be able to see all the caves below the map and any spawners that are in them.

PLEASE NOTE: Only put power to the back of the pistons and not the TNT. Kind of defeats the purpose of finding the spawners then doesnt it?

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