Dating a softball player

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We Ma Ke Su Re We To Uc H e Ve Ry Ba Se Ca Re Fu Ll Y b Ef Or E s Co Rin G..5. Wh En It Ge Ts Ha Rd We Al Wa Ys Pu Ll Th Ro Ug H4. They aren't scared to put everything they've got out there, and you can be sure, if you're fly, they're going after you. Like the girls who went to school in sweatpants and bulky sweaters, you can be sure when out of sight, they're taking everything off.

They are prone to going after what they want, even if that means picking up on signs and running with them.

They like being in control, which means they're always on top.

They aren't scared of getting down and dirty, either. They're as wild with their hearts as they are their arms, but once you get their number, they're easy to crack. They're great to go out with, patiently waiting for you to play your game and interpret where you're going next.

While they're patient and stable, they're also known for being as wild as the balls they catch.

While they may get fewer opportunities, they cover way more field.

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