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I particularly seek sociocultural treatises and personal memoirs but if you've got a cartoon or doll site focusing on the '80s, one more won't hurt!This ring will merge with Like, Totally Awesome: the '80s Ring, at Special Join Notes: The '80s connection must be clear.Any aspect of the connection is a welcome topic; you will notice many members have focused on cartoons or dolls but you are not restricted to that.Also, for the purposes of this ring, the 1950s began in 1945 and the 1960s ended in 1972, maybe 1973.If the popular culture (everything from dolls and toys to TV live-action shows, cartoons and even commercials, from music to politics, from cars to cultural icons) of the 1980s enthralls you, you'll want to visit the sites in this ring!

If &rea has ever helped you, or answered a question for you, or tolerated your ignorance of Web Ring, or pointed you in the right direction, or fussed at you for asking a question in the Managers' Forum which was covered in the Web Ring Users' Guide, your "thank you" page is here, right?

Now the world is full of aging baby boomers, still booming along, and when we're gone, History will begin to be rewritten as always, so while we're here, let's tell it like it was!

Special Join Notes: I think the hardest thing for folks to understand in joining a ring about an era or about media is that their sites can be TOO GENERAL.

You may find here Web Ring Profiles as well as non-Web Ring website pages.

Special Join Notes: Please submit a page either created to honor Web Ring's own Andrea.

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