Dueling dating

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Seen first in Goblet of Fire against Muggle Frank Bryce, and in every book following.

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Originally, it was used to cure illness and the 'thing' was the illness, but I decided to make it the 'thing' as in the person standing in front of me. I twist them round and make them mine." Provokes a small explosion.

In the books and the associated film series, the names of the majority of these spells or the incantations used to effect them are derived from the classical languages, particularly Latin.

Spells are listed here by their incantations (when known), with their vernacular names in parentheses.

A more advanced and more powerful form of Bombarda.

This spell is used by Dolores Umbridge to gain entrance to the Room of Requirement. This spell causes the target to burst uncontrollably into song.

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