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We can influence this process by genetically engineering animals to be better equipped to meet these demands.

These changes may be driven by human population growth and climate change.

The discovery of the Antarctic icefish has provided a stunning example of adaptation in an environment both hostile and abundant, where the birth of new genes and the death of old ones have played crucial roles. *** The making of the fittest: natural selection and adaptation ( minutes) The rock pocket mouse is a living example of Darwin’s process of natural selection. Michael Nachman, whose work on pocket mice reveals a complete story, from ecosystem to molecules, that demonstrates how random changes in the genome can take many paths to the same adaptation—a colored coat that hides them from predators. *** Fly hunter: Episode 1 “The phantom melanogaster” ( minutes) Join one man on his epic quest to understand seasonal adaptation by linking phenotype to genotype in the ultimate model organism:

*** The ordinary extraordinary junco – intro trailer ( minutes) Our collaborative project is written, produced and directed primarily by two biologists and a filmmaker & videographer based at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington, Indiana: Team members: Jonathan Atwell (IU Department of Biology), Ellen Ketterson (IU Department of Biology), Steve Burns (IU Department of Telecomm) Production Team: Elie Abraham – Original Music Composition Amanda Brothers – Logistical Support Christy Burns – Science Consulting & Field Support Derek Quinn – Graphics, Animations, & Video Eric Snajdr – Field Assistance Deanna Soper – Educational Consulting & Materials Joseph Toth – Sound, Video, & Production The “Ordinary Extraordinary Junco” is a feature-length film project comprised of shorter modules highlighting past and present research on one of the most common and abundant groups of songbirds in North America, the Juncos.

*** Lessons from evolution: dating with Darwin ( minutes) Many animals including humans have evolved extravagant displays that are used for attracting mates.

Here Darwin takes Lucas on a journey through the animal kingdom to give him ideas of how he can get a girl: 2012: https://vimeo.com/44805671 *** Rapidly evolving rodents ( minutes) Follow Dr.

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