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Jubail is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Settlement dates back more than 7,000 years, when the Dilmun people first came to the area.

The site of one of the oldest surviving churches in the world (dating from the 4th century), Jubail was, until 1975, a small fishing village, making a living from the abundance of fish and pearl oysters which could be found off shore.

However, in 1933, Jubail became the landing site for a team of American geologists tasked with reconnoitering Saudi Arabia to determine the best locations to drill for oil.

Those considering work in the city may have questions regarding the administration and organization of relocating to Saudi Arabia, about the cultural differences and the cost of day to day living.Usually offering a host of facilities including swimming pools, gyms, libraries, grocery stores and restaurants, expat compounds tend to be less culturally proscriptive than the Saudi Arabia beyond their boundaries.For example, it is possible for women to lounge by the pool in their bikinis – an activity which would not be permitted in public by Saudi law.Relocating to a country whose laws and customs are so far removed from those governing the West can feel rather intimidating.Membership of Inter Nations can affirm your affiliation to the wider expat community and provide help and support throughout the process of establishing a life in Jubail.

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    Many of these castles are medieval in origin, dating from the 11th to the 15th century.

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