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Young children will enjoy the short stories and colorful pictures.

More importantly, they will begin to grasp the need of those who have yet to hear the gospel!

Prayer Saturated Kids From Christian parents know the importance of raising their children on the foundation of God’s Word.

But we can overlook one of the most valuable gifts children can receive: lives enriched by intercessory prayer.

But they are our neighbors in the world and in Christ. Mission: Africa is a collection of the thoughts of many of your favorite music artists like Jars of Clay, The Newsboys, Michael Tait, GRITS, John Reuben, Out of Eden, and many others.

They each share their minds with you on this issue close to their hearts.

Parents and adults will discover different styles of prayer, learn how to intercede for their children’s protection and growth, and deepen their children’s awareness of God’s work in their lives–all of which creates an environment where children are prayed for, prayed with, and praying.

Disclaimer: we do not endorse the full content of this book.

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The people there are plagued by war and famine, drought and disease.My Praise Journal From only will kids learn more about the book of Psalms, but they can also use this praise journal to help them tell God how much they thank Him and love Him.They will also learn more about God and themselves as they write their praises and prayers.Children from Australia to Zimbabwe From This photographic journal alphabetically introduces 25 countries from six continents and one imaginary land.For example, the letter S is represented by Senegal.

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