Non sedating antihistamines for hives

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Bilastine belongs to the piperidine class of antihistamines as do loratadine, desloratadine, and fexofenadine.Like other antihistamines bilastine is an H1 receptor inverse agonist.Two investigations used fexofenadine, rupatadine, or desloratadine, and one study was done with levocetirizine or bilastine.

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Inducible urticarias include all forms of physical urticarias (cold-induced, heat-induced, solar, and pressure urticaria).In a recent paper from Japan it was observed that the improvement rates (defined as a urticaria symptom score UAS ≤ 3) in 117 CU patients who received standard doses of AHs were 36.6% at 12 months, 51.2% at 24 months, and 66.1% at 60 months, while the remission rates were 11.5%, 13.9%, and 27.7%, respectively [].The present article is a review of the literature on the treatment of CU with increased doses of NSAHs in order to investigate if there are differences in efficacy between the various second generation AHs that have been studied in controlled protocols.studies have shown that bilastine has a high specific affinity for the H1-receptor but it has no or very low affinity for 30 other tested receptors.The affinity for the H1 receptor is 3 and 6 times higher than for cetirizine and fexofenadine, respectively [A literature search of Pub Med/MEDLINE looking specifically at the studies that investigated the effects of increased doses of NSAHs in patients with all subtypes of CU was conducted.

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