Problems updating avg 7

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Every one of the half-dozen Windows 8 machines I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 has transitioned smoothly. So I have been pretty impressed by the upgrade process, and have said so.But each time we write about Windows 10, the comment threads feature lots of horror stories from readers attempting to upgrade all the way from Windows 7, which is something Microsoft really wants to have happen.So, being a full-service journalist, I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my work-a-day desktop from Windows 7 — the machine I read my email on daily, and have kept my financials and personal records on since the day I built it five years ago.It is exactly the sort of machine that deserves to live on with a new OS: 6-core AMD CPU, lots of RAM, an SSD for booting, dual monitors, and more. So, after making a full backup, I plunged in — and my experience here couldn’t have been more different from my experience upgrading from Windows 8.The error messages are still completely inscrutable.

I don’t envy Microsoft the task of making new code run on over a billion old machines.

First, I checked and found not all of my applications were compatible.

In particular, I needed to upgrade my PGP software.

No small thing, since PGP was bought by Symantec years ago.

Nothing wrong with that, but a reminder that, unlike machines that were updated in the last year or two to Windows 8, most machines that have been sedately running Windows 7 for many years are more likely to have old software that needs updating — and more likely to have software that is no longer supported.

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