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Some have been reversed, such as the removal of streetcars from Canal Street, which had been another "modernization" effort in the 1960s, or the removal of the Camp Street ramp for another raised expressway.

The second layer to strip away are the developments of the first half od the 20th century, the time when the original French and Spanish settlements of La Nouvelle-Orléans, San Antonio de Bexar and Santa Fe began to deteriorate, affluent residents began to move away, build and develop new areas, and the original grandeur of New Spain and New France began to look a bit shabby.

This area was commonly referred to as the "back swamp," or areas of cypress groves as "the back woods".

While there had been some use of this land for cow pasture and agriculture, the land was subject to frequent flooding, making the area on the edge of a growing city unsuitable for development.

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Until the early 20th century, construction was largely limited to the slightly higher ground along the long meander of the Mississippi River flanked by a natural levee created by the depositional processes of the river.This gave the 19th century city the shape of a crescent nested along the curving meander in the river, the origin of the nickname "The Crescent City".Between the developed higher ground near the Mississippi and the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, most of the area was low-lying wetlands, some of which lies significantly below sea level.A strict building code was adopted for all new construction, so that it would resemble the traditional adobe structures.There would be no such think ever allowed as a freeway through the old 17th century city center.

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