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Midland and Odessa are canonically Texan: remote moonscapes studded with oil jacks and tied together with a 20-mile stretch of highway. Every year, our class made a pilgrimage to the town’s main cultural attraction, the Petroleum Museum.

(Its star exhibit: a floor-to-ceiling tower of household objects made from petroleum byproducts.) When I returned for this reporting trip, my hotel room contained the latest issue of , whose front cover announced that the Petroleum Museum had seen some recent upgrades.

In a place where the answer to boredom is studying hydrocarbons, the abstinence advocates have their work cut out for them.“If she had set a boundary that said, ‘I don't want to have sex until I get married, or until I find the right one for me,’ but she had sex, what's going on in her mind?

” Misty asked, referring to the worksheet.“Anxiety,” one boy offered.“Obsession’s the one I’m looking for,” Misty said. And then Monday she had a big test, do you think she's concentrating on her test? ” several kids say.“What’s going on with her spiritually, in her inner man? “Restless spirit,” she says, answering her own question, “just with everything going on.”Over the next few days, Misty would expound the many pitfalls of fornication.

Each year, Misty and her fellow Life Center sex-ed specialists provide abstinence-based sexual education to roughly 28,000 children.

Yet, she ventures to a party, she drinks too much, and she sleeps with a guy she barely knows.

“The next morning,” she says, “he's gone.”Misty works at an organization called the Life Center, which is headquartered in the neighboring town of Midland.

One girl kept in a single earbud, like a diplomat awaiting a translation to teenager-ese.

Sarah wants to remain abstinent until she finds “The One,” Misty says.

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