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Eric kisses Olivia's stomach softly, his mouth destined to taste her sweet pussy lips yet again.

Eric's tongue swirls around Olivia's clitoris, prepping the mischievous milf for Eric's hardening cock.

Olivia tells me I've been so generous and proposes she returns the favor somehow.

But Olivia is married and feels bad for cheating on her husband... In no way will I expose this cheating senator and the mouthful of cock I gave her..except with you guys! Eric The debauchery continues, as Brad Knight jerks his cock off to the secret video he tapped while fucking his step mom Alyssa Lynn.

She holds a camera in her hand and plans on using it to record their juicy fucking affair.

Romeo follows her every move, and keeps watch on her ass and boobs.She takes the initiative to straddle her father and feels his hard cock between her legs.Anastasia offers more to satisfy her father's needs as she begins to rub the outside of his shorts and slowly grabs onto his hard cock with her mouth. My intuition told me that I was going to score big time and holy shit was I right.Olivia removes her dress and lays on the couch naked, her sweet boobs and ass nourished by Eric's touch.Olivia asks Eric to caress her boobs, and with great haste, fondles her pierced tits with his hands and tongue.

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