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Amendments of 2008 introduced new Section on Cyber pornography i.e. The Section makes publishing or transmitting of sexually explicit act or conduct illegal with a punishment of imprisonment upto five years and with fine which may extend to ten lakh rupees for first offence and seven years for subsequent offences.Hence, the Section makes publishing or transmission of blue films, audio sex clips, pictures, magazines and any other material in the electronic form involving sexually explicit acts illegal.

These may be stored on CDs, websites, computers, cell phones etc. Appeals to, in this context, means “arouses interest”.Tend to deprave and corrupt in the context of this section means “to lead someone to become morally bad”.Persons here refers to natural persons (men, women, children) and not artificial persons (such as companies, societies etc).It is not necessary that the “transmitter” actually understands the information being transmitted.Information in the electronic form includes websites, songs on a CD, movies on a DVD, jokes on a cell phone, photo sent as an email attachment etc.

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