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Sandoval made the request as chairman of the state Homeland Security Commission, which met today by teleconference.

I am delighted to inform all wayward visitors to this page that we are resurrecting Nevada News Bureau, Inc. The new website will launch on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, on the day of Governor Sandoval’s State of the State address.I am also sorry to disappoint the more than 330,000 (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Gov.Brian Sandoval today said he wants an assessment of how Nevada’s public schools are doing in regards to security following the horrific shooting deaths a week ago at a Connecticut elementary school.Following is a snapshot of the front page, but you should click through to see the real thing. Readers, Colleagues, Media Partners & Friends: It is with deep appreciation for your help, encouragement, readership and support over the past three years that I am tasked with announcing the suspension of operations at the Nevada News Bureau.In short, we have been unable to secure the funds we would need to continue operating in 2013. More than two dozen Nevada newspapers and websites have been regularly publishing our stories this past year, and I regret that we will no longer be able to provide them with free, non-partisan content about Nevada government and politics.

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