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She came across a girl who was bleeding heavily.'Then a person lands by my feet, head first and bleeding profusely from the head.

The enormity of the Norwegian tragedy became all the more evident yesterday as pictures of the dead and missing began to emerge; images of bright, ambitious youngsters.

Berntsen's late father Rolf married Crown Princess Mette Marit's mother, Marit Tjessem in 1994.

The leader of Oslo Police Union Sigve Bolstad told news agency NTB: "It is incredibly sad to get the message about that one of our members dies in this way.

As the country's minute-long silence stretched into five outside Oslo cathedral, the traffic motionless, the authorities revised the death toll to 76.

The victims span society, from the stepbrother of royalty to the daughter of immigrants. * Trond Berntsen, 51, stepbrother of Norway's Crown Princess Mette Marit, died fighting to save youngsters on Utøya Island.

* Johannes Buø, a 14-year-old AUP activist from southern Norway, was feared to be the youngest amongst the dead after his father confirmed he was missing.

* Hanne Kristine Fridtun, 20, from Stryn was leader of AUF in Sogn og Fjordane.He was very talented, one of the most solid youths I have ever met.Tore would always finish his speeches with a rhyme.'Elated': Anders Behring Breivik (left) confers with his defense lawyer Vibeke Hein Baera during his trial last Friday.The court heard today how he produced 'cries of joy' as he carried out his massacre on Utoya Ms Brenna, a leading member of the Labor Party's youth wing, described how she sought shelter behind rocks on the shore of Utoya island on July 22 as her colleagues were shot around her.

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