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The companies that make both of these supplements are giving them away free??! The supposed mens health blog goes on to show you the routine the supposed “tester” used to gain insane amounts of lean muscle, and chronicles his day to day transformation.

Again though, in the fine print the real story starts to emerge.

You guessed it, they want you to give your credit card information to them to help pay for the shipping charge. There’s a similar scam floating around proclaiming the same benefits by using ripped muscle x and optimal stack, so watch out for that one as well.

Just saw another combo for this and Fat Burn X as well.

It starts off with some ad saying “Miracle supplement celebrity’s use” and has pictures of “The Rock” and other celebrities whose bodies were apparently transformed by this miracle supplement.

Of course, they used Ripped Muscle X and Elite test 360, and wouldn’t you know it?

Usually, the flog is some “girlfriends” blog that happened to stumble upon these supplements.

When reading about some porn stars who apparently used them combined to gain size down there, she decided to order them for her boyfriend.

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When I visit the official Ripped Muscle X site now, it’s saying that it simply contains creatine …

While I was researching this product, I came across a TON of unfavorable reviews of Ripped Muscle X.

The vast majority are complaining about the free trial terms and conditions, and feel they’ve been duped into ordering the product when they thought they were getting a sample.

The website claims you’ll feel powerful and jacked up all day and your body will be constantly cut, hard, and ripped.

They also make other claims, like that Ripped Muscle X blocks fat from sticking to your body, and that you will literally shed pounds and pounds of weight quickly and easily.

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