Updating navionics cards

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Nav Planner, by the way, is still not shipping, but “very close”.While we rely more and more upon our electronic charts, they are only as accurate as their source data.turned out to be untrue, and that’s why you need a special reader to view Navionics charts on a PC.

The fee charged for the update also allows you to transfer your chart to a different area, or change media if required, eg for a new plotter.These companies offer their cartography on memory cards for plotters and each sell their own i Pad and Android tablet apps, which are much cheaper.Navionics Navionics are the only company to offer daily chart updates.Rocks might not move, but areas are resurveyed all the time – and sandbanks and mudbanks certainly do move, not to mention new buoyage and wrecks which appear all around our coasts – and we need to take advantage of any updates.Updating paper charts is a simple matter of consulting the updates given in a relevant Notice to Mariners and transferring these via a trusty purple pen to the chart: David Rainsbury wrote about how to update your paper charts in PBO September 2014.

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