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RETROGRESSION: While Saturn transits in vrischika rasi, he is to retrograde from to and from to .

During the period of retrogression, the evil effects caused by Saturn will be very minimal. During the period of combustion you have severe problems related to children, heavy expenditure. REMEDIAL MEASURES: Remedial measures are very much essential.


You can have your food for each time only out of hard work. During this period, even your children will not obey your words. FOR STUDENTS: Because of your domestic circumstances, and unnecessary worries, you will have less concentration in your studies. Your parents, relatives and your teachers will have to worry for your condition.

Have patience, good days will come – after two and half years.

Also worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and garland Him with yellow flowers, as Jupiter’s transit is adverse up to July 2015 and for the period beyond July 2016.

As the planetary positions are not favorable to you, you should ignore the unnecessary words of others and pay attention to your domestic works.

Relationship with your spouse will be destroyed due to the intrusion of others.

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