Who is kendall from big time rush dating dating bedfordview

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Kendall: "The Rushers are my girlfriends" Carlos: "What if they have boyfriends? James: "Carlos teaches us Spanish" Kendall: "But it's always the same stuff.." Logan: "We'd learn more watching Dora! James: "I'm James and I'm eating crackers" Carlos: "I'm Carlos, eating crackers" Kendall: "I'm Kendall" James: "He's not eating crackers.. Carlos: "We realized we needed a Kendall" Kendall: "Everybody needs a Kendall" 5.As long as we stick together nothing can stop us 6.that Lucy was the first girl he ever dated — she was 15 at the time and he was only 13 years old!For their first date, Kendall took her horseback riding at Griffith Park.*First time watching BTR* Me: '' They're cute'' *Watching BTR now* Me: *Faints* 3. "Succes comes when preparation meets opportunity" - James Maslow 5. Question to Kendall: Who would you marry if you had to marry a guy from Big Time Rush?

Try and knock us down, we'll get up everytime 1. '' Parents: '' No.'' Friends: '' No.'' Teachers: '' No.'' Pets: '' No.'' Aliens: '' No.'' You Tube: '' Sure" 2. '' One time Kendall was asleep and Logan laid next to him, it scares me sometimes'' - James Maslow 4. '' I was getting ready to step in to the shower and Kendall walked in and you know. "When we are in a different country where we've never been before, it feels so surreal that they know who we are" - Kendall Schmidt 5. '' Kendall: '' You know-'' Logan: '' No, it's cool'' 12. '' I'm more sensitive than people think I am. '' My dad's German so when I visit Germany I feel like I'm part German'' - Kendall Schmidt 2.Kendall: *sits on the floor* "Who's the grumpiest of you four? I just don't show it often'' - Logan Henderson 1. '' I wish I can hug every single one of my Cover Girls and tell them how amazing they are'' - Kendall Schmidt 3.James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena (or should we say Carlos Pena Vega now) are all off doing different things, but a quick look through their social media pages makes it pretty obvious that the guys still hang out.James Diamond is portrayed as the "Prettiest Boy Of The Group".

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