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The last census reported about 24 percent of black male newlyweds married outside their race, compared to nine percent of black female newlyweds who married outside their race.Black women are stereotyped, often by black men, as being jealous or bitter when black men marry or date outside of their race with white women in particular.These relationships were no different than those in my racial category except for one dirty little issue: race.Most of these relationships did not succeed or fail because of race, but it was disturbing to me that race and the stereotypes attached to them were ever an issue in the first place.For women who think this way (because there are those who do) realize that no, they’re not taking all of “our” good men.First, black men do not belong to black women, or vice versa.

Don’t project your negative and archaic ideas about race onto others.

Second, it’s not wrong to date or marry outside of your race.

And fellas, don’t assume that all black women have this negative mindset, because there are those like me who don’t.

Black women, however, are stereotyped as being loud, aggressive, angry and bitter. And they are too often judged as other women derogatorily are — as a b****, and the term “black” b**** is used in that case.

And let’s face it, black women are judged against the European standards of beauty by which our society undeniably still abides. If a black woman is angry, it is not assumed that she is just a woman who is experiencing the emotion of anger in the moment. Black women are associated with strength, for they are not often seen as nothing more than a strong “black” woman. In the media, we often see black women portrayed as single mothers and matriarchal in nature.

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